AJBCC Future Leaders (AJBCCFL)
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AJBCC Future Leaders (AJBCCFL)

Japan: Still a huge opportunity for Australia – AJBCCFL inaugural seminar June 2016

The AJBCCFL held its inaugural seminar in Sydney, hosted by AJBCC member organisation Allens.

This well-attended seminar was the first in a series to be arranged by the AJBCCFL aimed at inspiring the next generation of business leaders about how they can both maximise the opportunities in Australia’s trade and business relationship with Japan, and personally contribute to the development of the Australia-Japan relationship going forward.

Attendees heard from:

Wendy Holdenson (Director and Executive Vice President, Mitsui and Co (Australia) Ltd)
and Yoshinori Sakuno (Global Managing Director, DOQ – a cross cultural marketing firm)

on the topic, “Japan: Still a huge opportunity for Australia”. The speakers outlined how their respective organisations are making the most of the opportunities presented by recent changes in the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship, and emphasised the need for young leaders to focus on personal strengths, to develop effective networks, and to ensure their efforts have proven results. The AJBCCFL also invited three New Colombo Plan participants along to the seminar to support this important Federal Government initiative aimed at increasing Australia’s “Asia-literacy”.

The next AJBCCFL seminar is scheduled for Melbourne.