2016 Highlights
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2016 Highlights


The Future Leaders group made a signficant contribution to the program for the 54th Annual Australia Japan Joint Business Conference in 2016, by way of organising a Roundtable for Futures Leaders from Australia and Japan on the afternoon of Sunday 9 October and also by organising and presenting at a conference plenary session on Tuesday 11 October.

For the first time in 2016, the Future Leaders ran the Roundtable itself with the aim of strengthening the network amongst our group and ensuring engaged and active discussion amongst the group. All the discussions and activities were centred around the broad theme; β€œIn the context of the changing nature of Australia- Japan bilateral relationship, how do we promote the continued engagement of future leaders?”. Stuart Irvine (CEO of Lion) and Melanie Brock (Director, Business Development – Japan of Crown Resorts and Chair of the ANZCCJ) kindly agreed to contribute to the Roundtable by way of moderated discussion, sharing their views based on their prosperous experience.

As part of the main conference program, the Future Leaders also organised a plenary session for the first time this year. Represenatives from the Future Leaders group addressed the business leaders present on the accomplishments of the group over the past year, followed by two great speakers, Ms Marisa Warren (ELEVAVAO Foundation) and Kyoko Yokota (Colabolabo Co., Ltd).