AJBCC Connect
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AJBCC Connect

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Benefit from long-established bilateral relationships

Since its foundation in 1962, the AJBCC has promoted and facilitated the development of Australia-Japan economic and business relationships. AJBCC CONNECT aims to expand this reach.


AJBCC CONNECT is a searchable online directory that provides a valuable database of bilateral opportunities and content including;

  • Programs
  • Partnerships
  • Seminars
  • Reports

It is intended to provide, in one place, the many ways in which individuals or companies can benefit from the extensive linkages established in the Japan – Australia relationship.

AJBCC CONNECT is managed and maintained by the AJBCC team.

Discover how AJBCC can assist you

Companies & Organisations

  • Discover how other businesses have developed programs or partnerships in relation to Japan
  • As a referral source to attract future employees with skills in the bilateral relationship
  • Intern programmes

Individuals: Substantial Japanese language skills

  • Build a career involving your interest in Japan
  • Discover work experience opportunities
  • Intern programmes

Individuals: Limited or no Japanese language skills

  • There are many opportunities to gain valuable Japanese vocational experience, even without having Japanese as a skill
  • For most industries Japanese experience is a well-regarded addition to your resume
  • Develop collaboration with your Japanese counterparts to provide further opportunity

Recent Listings

Do you have an activity that should be included in AJBCC CONNECT?

While we have aimed to be as comprehensive as possible, we welcome submissions for our curation to be included on AJBCC CONNECT.

Click the button below to download our AJBCC CONNECT submission form.

Discover new bilateral opportunities