Asia Taskforce Interim Report: A Must Read
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Asia Taskforce Interim Report: A Must Read

Asia Taskforce Interim Report: A Must Read

Mark van Dyck, Regional Managing Director, Compass Group Asia-Pacific is an active AJBCC member and also the Chairman of the Asia Taskforce, an initiative of the Business Council of Australia and the Asia Society. The Taskforce has released its interim report.

Objective: Look at practical ways for Australian companies of all sizes to build sustainable and successful businesses in the region.

Output: The Taskforce has identified eight fundamental and critical drivers of success.

Focus: Bring Australian Government and business leadership to work together.

8 Rules for Success:

  • Long term vision
  • Knowing where, when and how to compete
  • Understanding local business practice
  • Knowing the who and how of relationships
  • Building a local alliance and management capability
  • Managing reputation and image
  • Empowering people in the market
  • Developing a governance model

This is an interim report with recommendations for business and Government. Read the full report.