Site Tours Announced for Joint Business Conference Osaka 2019
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Site Tours Announced for Joint Business Conference Osaka 2019

The AJBCC is pleased to announce the site tours for the 2019 Joint Business Conference (JBA). Both offer an excellent opportunity for JBA attendees to visit some leading technology innovators in Osaka.

The site tours will be held on the afternoon of Wed 9 October, 2019, with JBA attendees having the opportunity to participate in one.

Although optional, based on previous conferences they have proved popular, so we recommend we book your place quickly. Numbers are limited.

CLICK HERE for more information on the site tours and to book your place.

Site Tour 1: Keihanna Science City

This tour will commence with an explanation of the Science City precinct, then visit two research centres within the Science City precinct.

  1. National Research and Development Agency, Riken Bioresource Research Centre that specialises in stem cells research.
  2. Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
    Conducts research in information and communications through domestic and international collaborations with industry.

Site Tour 2: Iwatani Corporation R&D Centre and DAIKIN Technology Innovation Centre

First for this site tour is a visit to the Iwatani Corporation R&D Centre to view its hydrogen research facility.

Then attendees will tour the DAIKIN Technology Innovation Centre which is equipped with advanced facilities for R&D providing collaboration amongst universities, research institutes and companies in different industries.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind AJBCC Members that you are required to register online for the conference. Please ensure that you have secured your place CLICK HERE