Osaka Focus! Developing business linkages.
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Osaka Focus! Developing business linkages.

Osaka Focus! Developing business linkages.

With the the focus of the AJBCC’s Joint Business Conference being Osaka this year, AJBCC members can take the opportunity of developing their linkages in this major region of Japan.

Promoting Industry and University Collaboration

Universities Australia (UA) and its counterpart, the Japan Association of National Universities (JANU), are planning a research partnerships event with a focus on industry collaboration and technology transfer.

This will be hosted by Osaka University on 9-10 October immediately following the AJBCC’s Joint Business Conference and the annual Science and Technology (STS) Forum held in nearby Kyoto.

The aim of event is to share experiences on how successful cross-border industry /university collaborations have been achieved and build new collaborations. Senior Japanese and Australian industry, university and government figures will be attending. Further information to follow.

If you wish to keep informed about this please contact 

Osaka – building the startup connection with Japan

This is another opportunity to hook up with Japan based start-up hubs and create bilateral linkages.

Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka will be hosting a FastTrack event in Sydney to which top startups are encouraged to join in Sydney on Thursday 29 August. The Osaka hub is part of an international program and the Sydney meeting is to focus on connecting Smart City scaleup companies from around the world to collaborate in the areas of Mobility, Living, Health & Wellbeing and Tourism.

Scale Osaka has significant Japanese industry partners Hankyu, JR West, Dentsu, Sakura Internet, JT, The Yomiuri Shimbun and SMBC.

Scale Osaka’s Managing Director is Josh Flannery, a well known Australian startup facilitator, having established the Sydney based Innovation Dojo. Further details about . Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka’s Sydney meeting can be found here.

Osaka’s Managing Director, Josh Flannery