Japan’s Direct Investment: Further Entrants
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Japan’s Direct Investment: Further Entrants

Japan’s Direct Investment: Further Entrants

Japan’s foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia continues to increase and diversify as noted in previous AJBCC Japan Business Alert emails.

Here are some further recent examples:

Udder Delights Group – Cheese

The boutique South Australian goat and cow cheesemaker Udder Delights Group has been acquired by the giant Japanese dairy company, Megmilk Snow Brand. The deal was worth A$14m for 90% of the company. Udder Delights was established in 1999.

Staywell Holdings – Hotel Operator

Australian based hotel operator Staywell Holdings has been acquired by the prestigious Japanese hotel major Prince Hotels. The deal was worth around A$50m. Staywell operates currently in Australia and in 6 countries overseas under the Park Regis and Leisure Inn brands. There are 20 hotels in the existing portfolio with a further 15 under development.Two new brands will be added to the management portfolio. These are: Leisure Inn Plus; and Policy.

Rawson Group – House Builder and Developer

NSW and ACT home builder the Rawson Group has been acquired by Daiwa House conglomerate – one of Japan’s major house building and construction companies. With 196 companies within the Daiwa House group the core business areas are: free standing dwellings, rental housing, condominiums, renovation of existing homes, commercial facilities and logistics, business and corporate facilities, home centers, city and resort hotels, and fitness clubs. This acquisition is an extension of Daiwa House’s existing investments in Australia and is being driven by the company’s strategy to boost its activities and income in overseas growth markets.