AJBCC Tokyo Conference Update: Hurry – Registration Required
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AJBCC Tokyo Conference Update: Hurry – Registration Required

AJBCC Tokyo Conference Update: Hurry – Registration Required

The 55th annual Joint Business Conference of the AJBCC and its counterpart the JABCC will be held in Tokyo from the 8-10 October 2017. With already more than 250 senior Australian and Japanese executives registered to attend the meeting, it will also feature a new session format from previous years.

The theme of the conference is Viewing Change as Opportunity. Faced with growing uncertainty and heightened risk, how do companies adjust to working in the current environment? Moreover, changes accelerated by rapidly developing technology, government policy variations, and altering geopolitics are all being thrown into the mix. Rather than focusing on increased business risk, are there opportunities presenting themselves as a result of the dynamics of these changes? What do they look like and how can companies in the bilateral relationship exploit these?

Conference program is available here.

Sessions will cover:

  • The Japan-Australia relationship in a world of rising protectionism
  • Case studies:
    • Japanese investment in Australia
    • Australian investment in Japan
  • Resources and Energy
    • Efficiency in resource use
    • Renewables and alternative energy
  • Finance
    • mainstream opportunities
    • emerging financial services and disruption
  • AJBCC Future Leaders designed session
  • Special Presentation: Japan and Artificial Intelligence and Innovation
  • Future Prospects of Australia-Japan Business Across Sectors

To participate in the conference, AJBCC members are required to register online.

The AJBCC’s online registration for the 55th annual Joint Business Conference is available online here. This contains full details about the program as well as hotel accommodation. The conference will be held on Sunday 8 October to Tuesday 10 October 2017. An optional site tour is being organised for attendees on Tuesday afternoon after the close of the conference. Please note that it is a requirement that AJBCC members need to register their participation for the conference online.

If you require further information, contact us here.