AJBCC Future Leaders: Call for Mentors
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AJBCC Future Leaders: Call for Mentors

AJBCC Future Leaders: Call for Mentors

The AJBCC Future Leaders Program (FLP) has initiated a pilot mentoring program and is now calling for appropriate mentors to participate on a pro-bono basis. Mentors should be current participants in the bilateral relationship. The pilot has 3 main aims. These are to:

  • broaden the flow of ideas between current and future generations of leaders;
  • help Future Leaders to ‘upskill’ in the soft skills leaders need to help steer the bilateral relationship to new growth opportunities; and
  • provide a way for current leaders to hear the views of upcoming leaders.

Currently the FLP is seeking mentors based in Melbourne and Tokyo. (Mentors for Sydney and Perth under the pilot program are now fully subscribed).  Penny Alexander and Natalie McDowell from the FLP are coordinating the pilot program.

If you would like to find out more about the mentoring program, in the first instance, please contact us here.