Fukuoka Joint Business Conference: Why Integration Matters
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Fukuoka Joint Business Conference: Why Integration Matters

Fukuoka Joint Business Conference: Why Integration Matters

The overall theme tying the sessions together for the AJBCC/JABCC’s annual Joint Business conference is Why Integration Matters.

The AJBCC/JABCC Joint Business Conference will be held in Fukuoka Japan.

  • Sunday Oct 4 until Tuesday Oct 6, 2015.
  • The venue will be the Hilton Sea Hawk Hotel, Fukuoka.

The Conference will be held against a backdrop of a very busy year in Australia Japan relations with the entry into force of the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA), a flurry of Ministerial visits and the expectation of further Prime Ministerial visits. And, whilst resource investments from Japan may be normalising under their inherently cyclical behaviour, the focus is now shifting to brown field and green field investments from Japan in new business areas. The massive Toll acquisition by Japan Post is a signature display of this phenomenon.

Having extensive bilateral business experience, speakers have been selected from senior Japanese and Australian executives.

The Fukuoka conference will have 7 major sessions:

  • Globalisation – Context and Challenges for Australia and Japan
  • Expanding Investment and Trade Under JAEPA
  • Global Corporate Governance Challenges
  • Preparing Future Business Leaders for Asia
  • Regional Areas Going Global – Fukuoka
  • Recalibration of the Minerals and Energy Industries
  • New Industries – New Opportunities

Further details of the conference sessions and speakers will follow.

Consider this – during the two day Joint Business Conference you have the opportunity of engaging with the top companies in the Australia-Japan business field, all located in one place in a dynamic regional market. To achieve something similar through individual appointments with your chosen companies in Tokyo would take many days. Moreover, you would be unlikely to be accorded the access to Japanese executives of such seniority as frequently attend the Joint Business Conference.

Japanese companies who attended last year’s conference.

See our future Business Alerts for more information on the upcoming 4-6 October conference and its program or email us.

Image of Fukuoka provided by the City of Fukuoka – photo: Fumio Hashimoto