AJBCC Future Leaders Program: Gathering Pace
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AJBCC Future Leaders Program: Gathering Pace

AJBCC Future Leaders Program: Gathering Pace

Want to engage your younger staff to assist your company develop management skills in dealing in the Asian Century?

At last year’s Joint Business Conference in Darwin, the first Future Leaders Round Table was convened by an active young group of Australian and Japanese business people whose employers are AJBCC/JABCC members.

  • The group is being steered by AJBCC member Jason Hayes, Partner of PwC (and recently returned from a posting in Japan) and Tim Lester, AJBCC Executive Committee Member.

working group has been established and priority workstreams have been formulated.

The AJBCC will offer a subsidised annual membership rate for younger staff where member companies enrol them in this program. As with other categories of membership, this one also includes participation at the Joint Business Conference in Fukuoka.

If you require further information or wish to participate email us.