Kyushu Choice: 2015 AJBCC Conference
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Kyushu Choice: 2015 AJBCC Conference

Kyushu Choice: 2015 AJBCC Conference

4-6 October, 2015

Why has Kyushu been chosen for the AJBCC’s Annual Conference in Japan this October?

Japan is not just all about Tokyo.

Regional economies in Japan offer up alternative business opportunities. Kyushu in particular is known for:

  • innovative companies
  • international outlook
  • strong engagement with Asia
  • comfortable lifestyle

Australia has long established linkages with Kyushu through energy and resources. Kyushu Electric Power has been a major importer of Australian steaming coal and LNG. Toll and Servcorp are two Australian players who are active in Kyushu.

Proximity has meant that the Kyushu region has developed long term relations in Asian markets. (There are about 1.2 million travellers per annum entering Japan via Kyushu, with about two thirds of those coming from Korea.)

A number of Kyushu based companies are listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. More on these companies to follow.

See our future Business Alerts for more information on the upcoming 4-6 October conference and its program or email us.